Hire Me!

To Shoot Products:

prod_021_cowanI create high-end product  photography that combine years of experience with a fluid creativity. Capturing the image that defines your product and establishes it’s identity is my job.  “It has been a delight working with Billy. He has taken all the product shots for our business website, and was both receptive to my ideas and quick to suggest his own. It was an easy and fruitful collaboration, and I’m sure we’ll work with him again as our business grows.” Lynda Smith Dr Cowan’s Garden

To Shoot People:

por_020_bluskrtFor  thirty years I have photographed people expressing themselves and their creativity by playing music, delivering resounding speeches, dancing with exuberance….I learn more about them, what makes them unique.  When that character emerges, I have done my job. billydouglas2016

Phone: 415 533 5915

Email: bdphoto@concentric.net